Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why I Like Antiques

Our Featured english furniture antique Article

Using Antiques in Interior Design to Reflect Your Decorating Style

By Andrew Caxton

What people look for in antiques and reproductions. How to use antiques and antique reproductions in decorating. What makes an antique valuable. in different people's views.

There are a lot of differing opinions as to what makes a good antique. Some believe that slight imperfections or something missing due to use are just authenticators and should never be repaired; others believe that the antique has to be complete and perfect for their consideration; still others, who consider themselves true conoisseurs insist that an antique be signed, just as any other work of art would be. These last clearly have the means to support this expensive point of view.

The real way to collect antiques is to be constantly alert to the kinds of antiques that are out there. If you were shopping for a race horse, a pedigreed dog, or a certain car, you would always keep your eyes and ears open for the right one for you. As for antiques, perhaps you would be just as happy with one of the quality reproductions that are made in the major cities of the world. People buy these all the time, and there are very many beautiful and sought after furniture and accessory reproductions. Real antique collectors, however, can spot a reproduction from a mile away. For the afficianado, reproductions do not have the ageless quality that an antique displays.

All of the parts of a true antique fit a perfect whole and the finish gains a certain patina with age. A fine antique is almost 'good in its skin', as a confident person may be said to be. If your pocketbook does not allow you to indulge in good antiques, you would probably be better off investing in lower cost but good quality modern furniture. In that way, the inexpensive rugs and materials you will have to buy will go better with your more modest furniture. This is a good beginning, because as you get older and your tastes mature and your bank account grows, you can then begin to collect one fine item at a time, all the while enjoying the pieces you were able to afford at the beginning. There are many very fine antique collections that started out just blending in with the furniture at hand until, at some point, after more and more pieces were accumulated, there is a cohesive whole to the collection.

As you become more and more financially successful, even the less expensive antiques can be replaced by rarer and finer items until the perfect antique collection has been amassed. This is a much wiser system than trying to build a collection that may be of dubious value (even if you pay a lot for it) if you do not have the experience and wisdom to make the right choices. Whether a piece of good furniture is from the antique or modern era is irrelevant if the piece is a cherished part of ones life. Antiques and other works of art can be bought, inherited and passed down. You want to be sure to be able to pass down fine works of art and pieces of furniture, so make sure that you choose items that are beautiful in their own right, whatever the period they represent. You dont want the antiques you pass down to end up in the back of a closet or dusty on a shelf because the item was never chosen with care in the first place.

About The Author

Andrew Caxton is a syndicated writer and the editor of . For additional information on interior design subjects follow this link, that cover the basics of decorating styles

Hints About english furniture antique

Grandfather Clocks. These long case clocks are free-standing pendulum time pieces constructed to stand against walls. An elaborately carved wooden head surrounds the clock face. Some of these antique wall clocks require winding every eight days while others must be wound every other day. Most strike a chime at the hour and half hour.
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A badly worn or discolored varnish should probably be removed. But, if the finish is shellac, it should be restored or left "as is," never stripped or replaced. If you aren't sure which is on your antique table or desk, find out before you touch it with a stripper.
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Antique Kitchen Wares. Antique kitchen wares, like fruit jars, for instance, can be relatively easy to find and are a good beginning collectible. Often times pieces can be found at flea markets or yard sales, especially in areas of the country with a strong farming or ranching background. In such rural areas items that were grandmother's tools of trade oft en wind up being sold as collectibles.
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Check the Finish. The exterior of the piece should be a uniform color, except for variations that would naturally occur through exposure to the elements and use. Surface blemishes and scars are acceptable, but burn marks can�t be taken out or painted over without cutting out that section of wood, so avoid buying antiques with a burn unless you can live with it. A piece of furniture costing more than $300 shouldn�t have any visible nails; their presence may be signs of a sloppy repair job.
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