Monday, November 10, 2008

Antique Updates

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Antique and Vintage Items of Our Past

By Donna Scales

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to antique items of the past? Or maybe it's an entire era. Have you ever touched and antique and imagined what it would be like to have use this object? It is my opinion and belief that we are attracted to antiques because we have used the item in a past life or have lived in that era. For me I am attracted to and love the rennesaince age . Ask yourself what era attracts you in a nostalgic way? The same way we feel about objects of our childhood in this current life time can also attract us to objects and era's of past lifetimes. For me , I love the rennesaince age and the art and craftmanship of handmade items. Blacksmithing , knife making handmade pottery , wood carvings, paintings and just the over all playfulness and creativity of this age bring back memories and even inspire me to create in this lifetime.

When I attend estate auctions , I can actually feel the presence of the past owner and get a sense of who they were and what they were like , just by looking and touching the many household contents, from buttons to niknaks. There is also a certain respect I feel about the objects I buy from thier estate. The feeling is a bit different about antiques I collect for myself and the objects I buy from estate sales to include in my store. Still I am honored to offer these items to others who collect them or who can make use of them. To me it carries on the spirit of the previous owners and keeps that era and technology alive in the hearts of many. What we collect , says allot about us as a person. It can reveal life issues we need to resolve as well as past lives we have lived. Exploring the antique world can be very enlightening.

Donna Scales/ Psychic Counselor

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When repairing dolls remember that changing the original hair in any way will lower its value.
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Parliament Clocks. During the 18th century these large clocks were displayed in inns and taverns. They are of a plain design and approximately two to five feet in diameter. The name comes from a brief tax against clocks passed in 1787 but repealed after a few months. Popular legend holds that the clocks were displayed in protest of the tax.
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Negotiating. Part of the fun of antiquing is that it is one of the few areas of modern U.S. culture where negotiations between buyer and seller go on in the way most other countries do it. In many countries of the world, negotiation over the price of fruit, meat, animals, building materials and most good is carried on in a bantering, friendly manner daily. In the U.S. most of our exchanges are accomplished in a rather impersonal, computer-scanner-manner.
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Antiques Roadshow's "Politically Collect"

I have to admit politcal collectibles weren't the first thing on my mind as I snaked my way through a long line to cast my vote earlier this week....

Chinese Antiques - Calligraphy

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 23:22:44 -0600
Chinese Cabinets, Chests, Tables, Statues and Carvings - Ancient Chinese Vases, jewelry of Brass, Bronze and Wooden Art - and an Introduction to Calligraphy.

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