Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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What Sort of Antiques Should You Collect?

By Allison Thompson

Antique collecting has now become one of the most competitive and exciting hobbies around the world. So if you are just starting out you are in for a real treat.

However, do not take the decision of collecting antiques lightly; it will change your life. But first you need to choose the type of antiques you want to collect and then concentrate on it, carry out as much research as possible before you rush in to your first purchase. What ever you do don�t do what some collectors have done where they have not chosen a niche item and just collect piles and piles of junk.

What you really need to consider as well when choosing what you are going to collect is as follows:-

Look at a period or time in history that has always held an interest for you?

Next look to make sure that you can afford to purchase items in your chosen item, you may be fascinated say by rare art, but unfortunately it may be unaffordable. So pick an item that is affordable to you.

But should you be collecting an item as an investor, and then it is good to invest in the best and highly recommended pricing guides that are available.

Next will you be placing your collection on display or will then be kept in a safe place? Are you going to display for all the world to see or are you just purchasing as an investment for the future.

Are you specifically collecting this item for a particular purpose, such as you wish to pass the collection on to your children or grandchildren, or great grandchildren or are they just to add decoration to a room.

It is advisable to consider all these points before you begin your collection.

What you should remember is choose what you want to collect, how you are going to collect it and in which way it will be displayed (if at all).

Allison Thompson webmaster of several sites a work at home mum now living in Spain. Who has become extremely interested in the antique market due to living in an area where history is rife and antiquities are common. or further information on this product please go to http://www.antiqueadventures.info.

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To prevent mildew damage to old photographs and art work hung on damp or outside walls, tape or glue a sheet of plastic to the back to create a vapor barrier.
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Negotiating. Part of the fun of antiquing is that it is one of the few areas of modern U.S. culture where negotiations between buyer and seller go on in the way most other countries do it. In many countries of the world, negotiation over the price of fruit, meat, animals, building materials and most good is carried on in a bantering, friendly manner daily. In the U.S. most of our exchanges are accomplished in a rather impersonal, computer-scanner-manner.
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Newspapers and Phone Book. The local newspapers will list antique shows and have advertisements for local shops. And the local phone book will have addresses and phone numbers for area shops. If you are traveling and haven't been to a shop before, you'd better call ahead. You may drive out of your way and get there only to find the shop closed - some shops have unconventional hours, special days each month they are closed or they may only be open during certain months of the year. Others are by appointment only. By appointment only shops will usually open for you if they are home when you call.
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certain of a clock's authenticity, you should only buy from a trusted and reputable seller. Read any listing carefully to ensure that the product you are buying is truly an antique.

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