Tuesday, December 02, 2008

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Antique End Tables - What You Should Know Before You Buy Yours

By Jennifer Akre

Have you been creating a perfect flashback in history in your home? If you have been working to recreate a home from the past, piece by piece, with antiques, you know it can be a tough process. It can also be a heartbreaking process if you purchase what you think is an antique piece, and find out it's a fraud.

There are so many end tables on the market today that look like the old things, when they're really knockoffs. If you want a reproduction of something from history, that's great, but if you really had your heart set on real antique end tables, that just won't do.

Before you purchase what you think are antique end tables there are a few things to take into account.

Get to know the dealer. While most antique dealers are on the up-and-up, there are always some that are out there trying to make a quick buck off of your trust. Talk to the dealer about the antique end tables that have your attention. Most experienced antique dealers know a lot about the items in their shops and can likely tell you a story or two relating to the antique tables you have your eye on, as well as their history. You should make sure the person you are dealing with is an antique dealer, as they are used to being out in the field and can tell the difference between the real thing and a fake.

You should also see what kind of reputation the dealer has. Many dealers are in professional antique organizations. See if your dealer is and check on their history in that organization. Many of those organizations have codes and standards they make their members adhere to.

History adds up. Find out how long the dealer you are considering working with has been in the antique business. The longer people are in the world of antiques the more they should know about them and should be more easily able to tell a real antique from a fraud.

The best way to know that the antique end tables you are getting are the real thing is to find a dealer who specializes in them. You may be able to find a dealer who only works with antique furniture, and they will be more able to aim you in the right direction to find the perfect tables for your home.

Finally, get a guarantee that what you are getting is a genuine antique. Many antique shops will stand behind their merchandise, and they should. If a dealer doesn't want to give you a written guarantee that a piece is what they say it is, you should worry. If they are sure it's an antique, why won't they put it in writing? The obvious answer is that they may well know it isn't, but were hoping you wouldn't notice.

You can find those perfect antiques to finish your home. Just be willing to put a little extra time and research into the process of finding the real thing.

Jennifer Akre, owner of different online specialty shops featuring niche products and information for your home, sharers her insight on different items that can make your space both more functional and beautiful. Here, she provides consumers valuable advice when purchasing lavish end tables, breathtaking oak end tables, and luxurious antique wood end tables.

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IS IT WISE TO REPAIR IT? Sometimes, what looks like damage actually makes an antique valuable. As with vintage cars, the original paint or finish on an antique desk might be prized, no matter what its condition.
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Newspapers and Phone Book. The local newspapers will list antique shows and have advertisements for local shops. And the local phone book will have addresses and phone numbers for area shops. If you are traveling and haven't been to a shop before, you'd better call ahead. You may drive out of your way and get there only to find the shop closed - some shops have unconventional hours, special days each month they are closed or they may only be open during certain months of the year. Others are by appointment only. By appointment only shops will usually open for you if they are home when you call.
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Glass Christmas ornaments should never be stored in a damp basement. Mildew will cause damage.
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