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Why I Like Antiques

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Antique Lover's Dream Vacation River Cruising Through the South of France

By Martin Swinton

Ever dream of shopping at Paris flea markets, exploring antique shops off the beaten track in Provence, dining in famed Lyon restaurants and visiting world famous French wineries? Now, imagine doing all that while cruising the scenic Sa�ne and Rh�ne Rivers in the breath taking Burgundy and Provence regions of France aboard a luxury ship!

It�s a river cruise adventure designed for antique lovers with stops throughout the stunning south of France, capped off with a tour of the famed Paris flea markets. This is how I�ll be spending my summer 2007 vacation, guiding twenty-eight antique adventurers through the south of France aboard a 152 passenger luxury ship. River cruising is a relatively new way to explore Europe with lots of advantages over bus touring (no sitting for hours on a bus) and ocean cruising (no multiple days at sea).

Along the way, we�ll discover the antiques of the region. I�ll guide our group through any purchases and shipping will be arranged for any treasures acquired. It�s any antique lover�s dream vacation, including mine. Visiting one port a day we�ll explore antique shops tucked away in Provence. It is a great way to explore antique shops and flea markets up close and in depth. A 10-night antiques river cruise tour: 7-nights aboard a luxurious ship cruising the south of France and a 3-night Paris stay is an intimate exclusive way to discover Burgundy and Provence.

Flying into Marseilles, we�ll be transported to the ship in Avignon, cruise the scenic Sa�ne and Rh�ne Rivers through the Provence and Burgundy regions on France, disembark in Chalon-sur-Sa�ne and be transported by motor coach via Dijon through the scenic countryside into Paris for a 3-night stay.

Docking in the heart of town, we�ll see the cities and experience the ever-changing riverside scenery as well as the local nightlife, including an overnight stay in Lyon, home to many Michelin-rated restaurants. Any trip to the south of France is incomplete without experiencing all that the region has to offer so a winery tour in Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, and visits to Arles and Avignon are just some of the adventures that await us.

France is a wellspring of undiscovered riches for antique lovers - brimming over with treasures and precious keepsakes from the past. I�ll conduct exclusive evening workshops that will arm the group with all they�ll need to know to unearth treasures, including how to tell the difference between an antique and a reproduction, how to know what's fake and learn about antiques of the region. It's MY idea of a dream vacation. How can any antiques lover resist?" Provence, Burgundy, wine, antiques, top restaurants. Did I mention antiques....merveilleux!"

To learn more about river cruising in the south of France visit

Martin Swinton owns Take-A-Boo Emporium, an antique shop located in Toronto, Canada. He does furniture restoration, caning, cording and rushing repairs, upholstery, teaches courses on antiques, does appraisals and consults to others interested in opening an antique shop. He can be reached at 416-785-4555 or by visiting

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To remove stains from stoneware dishes, soak them for 24 hours or more in one gallon of hot water in which two denture cleaner tablets have been dissolved.
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START WITH EASY FIXES. When you begin repairing antique furniture, it's smart to learn with simple projects. For example, a loose stretcher on a chair is a good place to start. Broken hardware can also be an ideal project for a beginner. If you're going to replace it with identical reproduction hardware, the repair can take just a few minutes. Always try to learn with "reversible repairs." This means a process that can be reversed with little or no damage to the furniture. You can always remove a screw if its head looks too new against older wood. But, if you've pried wood veneer off a table and--too late--realized that the veneer was important, it can be impossible to restore it.
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Learn everything you can about the type of object you are interested in (specific) -and the history of the period it comes from (general).
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certain of a clock's authenticity, you should only buy from a trusted and reputable seller. Read any listing carefully to ensure that the product you are buying is truly an antique.

Asian Antiques from Thailand, China, Japan and Tibet

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Ancient Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Hindu and more in Asian antiques. Ancient beads, seeds, bracelets and pebbles used as a medium of exchange in the early days around 200 - 300 BC, have been discovered in Thailand, including old Roman copper coins dating back to 270 BC.

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